Can Lluïssó

Can Lluïssó is a country house located in Son Valls, Mallorca. Built in the 19th century in a unique, discreet, and charming environment, the estate has been renovated with natural materials and can now be rented for dream vacations and also used as a filming location.

Modern kitchen with sink and wooden shelfWhite bed with matching blanket and pillows in a cozy bedroom setting


Can Lluïssó aimed to modernize its booking system and enhance its online presence. The project vision included implementing an accommodation booking system tailored to the client's needs as well as a minimalist web design that reflected the value proposition and unique style of the property.

Screenshot of Can Lluïssó home page


The new Can Lluïssó website demanded a booking system that addressed three objectives: it had to adapt to the specific needs of the business model, incorporate seasonal booking calculations to optimize accommodation management, and integrate with external management platforms such as Airbnb and Booking for centralized administration.

With these three challenges in mind, we decided to align technical and functional needs with a minimalist and usable web design that reflected the value and style of the accommodation, fostering interactions and providing a smooth user experience while enhancing visitor perception.

The traditional structure of the house inspired the web design—intuitive, clean, and flexible—in a layout that captured the rural essence of Can Lluïssó. In this way, we managed to combine and respectfully portray the environment and rural history of the island in the approach of the booking system and web design.

Skills in action

With this project, we successfully implemented a customized booking system that optimizes seasonal booking management and efficiently connects to external platforms.

The minimalist and usable web design reflects the essence of the estate, enhancing the user experience and strengthening the property's online presence. A digital transformation that elevates the customer experience and reinforces the brand identity.

Can Lluïssó by CALVO