Casino de Ibiza

With over 40 years of history, Ibiza Casino draws inspiration from the island and its culture, blending tradition with contemporary design. This unique nocturnal complex on the island, part of the Ibiza Gran Hotel, combines luxury and art, reinventing the concept of a casino by offering a multisensory experience that pays attention to every detail. Architect and designer Patricia Urquiola has created an unparalleled environment inspired by Ibiza's tradition and Mediterranean spirit.

A person placing a bet at a casino table with a stack of poker chips.Illustration of the port of Ibiza at night with a man and a woman looking at the views from behind


Ibiza Casino sought an online presence update, aiming to maintain a fresh image while retaining its identity and exclusivity. Additionally, it was essential to enhance the interactivity of multimedia elements, web content accessibility and visibility, and simplify content updates. The goal was to reflect online the same unique and personalized experience the casino offers its clients, highlighting the importance of location and environment as differentiating factors.

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In approaching the project, we focused on three main aspects: UX research, creative development, and interaction design.

Through an initial phase of UX research, we located, analyzed, and compared different online casinos in search of Ibiza Casino's differential factor. Its atmosphere, VIP treatment, environment, quality of live experiences, gastronomic options, and alternative entertainment formed a map of crucial elements along with socialization and stimulating the local economy, significant advantages.

After analyzing Ibiza Casino's current competitive landscape, we focused on emphasizing customer experience (CX), improving brand visibility, and investing in interactions that enhanced user experience. In collaboration with Studio Roses, we designed and implemented a content management system that merges contemporary aesthetics with the casino's vernacular essence, aiming to create a platform capturing the sophistication and originality of Ibiza Casino, consistent with its tone and identity.

Finally, we implemented animations and dynamic content to enrich the online experience and convey the establishment's vibrant, exciting, and exclusive personality. We also implemented the design and graphics proposed by Studio Roses, ensuring a coherent visual universe faithful to the brand.

Skills in action

Strategic research, once again, proved crucial in identifying points allowing us to add value to the project and achieve an experience reflecting the casino's identity. Indeed, this case demonstrates how strategic research, collaborative design, and the implementation of dynamic elements significantly enhance a brand's online presence and digital experience.

Casino de Ibiza by CALVO