Handbol Mallorca

Handbol Mallorca is an internationally recognized Majorcan handball club aiming to promote sporting, social and educational values through this sport's practice on the island.

Handbol Mallorca team goalkeeper warming up in front of the goal, arms openImage of Handball Mallorca match against Futbol Club Barcelona Handbol


We live in a time of simplification of graphic forms in the world of sport; many clubs are changing their visual identities towards more minimalist designs. A clear example is the change in the shields of various sports clubs, such as Juventus, Arsenal or Manchester City.

These changes do not simply respond to an aesthetic criterion but to a functional one, since while at first the application of these designs was exclusively for the analogue environment, now all graphic identity also has a digital application and a more straightforward and synthetic symbol has a better application in the different formats, as well as making its elements easier to read and to identify.

In this context, Handbol Mallorca asked us to redesign its logo, create the club's graphic identity, and design its mascot: visual solutions that represented handball, Mallorca and that would engage young people.

A pivotal part was also to transmit the club's philosophy because they do not see handball as a game but as a practice of great social value, as it fosters personal relationships and instils values such as respect, cooperation and perseverance.

Handbol Mallorca logo construction


We designed a logo inspired by the shield of the Balearic Islands and a very characteristic element of Mallorca, the siurells, traditional clay figures of the island, which are very identifiable, as they are always painted in the same colors.

We transferred those elements to the entire brand's graphic identity and applied them to social networks. In this way, Mallorca was represented in all the media in which Handbol Mallorca appeared.

For the creation of the mascot, we also put Mallorca at the epicenter of creativity, as a mascot is not a foreign element to the brand's identity but the personification of its values, and what better way than to take inspiration from the ferreret, a small toad native of Mallorca that dates back to before the arrival of man and which also serves to enhance one of the club's values, sustainability.

Handbol Mallorca team shirtHandbol Mallorca club mascotHandbol Mallorca social media post

Skills in action

Nothing is more gratifying than building a complete graphic brand identity and seeing how it performs in different formats. So, in addition to working on UX, Identity, UI, Development and social media, we did extensive research to reflect all the club's values.

Handbol Mallorca by CALVO