Kaplan Projects

Kaplan Projects is an international network of field agents tirelessly dedicated to pursuing creativity and culture and showcasing art in all its forms. They are based in Palma de Mallorca, where they have an exhibition gallery and offer services in cultural collaboration, artistic consultancy and art transport.

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Kaplan Projects needed to redesign its website to align it with its brand identity and make it more accessible and interactive. It also required a simple update system as they have a wide range of artists and exhibitions, and renewing content had to be easy and intuitive.

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The name Kaplan comes from the character of George Kaplan in Alfred Hitchcock's "North by Northwest", a film that, in addition to being a classic, has emblematic credits by the legendary designer Saul Bass.

This conjunction between form and substance (a design style conceptually linked to the brand's naming) led us to base the website's identity on these iconic credits.

To do so, we created a custom template in WordPress with a minimal design endowed with narrative and interaction that allowed us to reveal small hidden elements progressively and gave us the necessary flexibility to adapt its content to the different artists, works and exhibitions that would take place in the future.

Screenshot of kaplanprojects.com Aggtelek artist pageScreenshot of kaplanprojects.com artists pageScreenshot of kaplanprojects.com Natalia Lisinicchia page

Skills in action

360 projects like this are challenging because they require design, layout, CMS and integration. However, they are also inspiring because they allow us to demonstrate all our skills: Research, Web design, Development, WordPress, Newsletter, Social, and Motion.

Also, to offer the best goal-oriented result and give the website a personality, we include in all our projects previous planning work in which we analyze the client and its target groups and run a competition benchmark.

This research part allows us to offer the designs that best reflect the personality of our clients while also distinguishing them from their competitors.

Kaplan Projects by CALVO