LOOP Disseny

LOOP is a platform that reflects upon circularity, reusability, transformation, and material proximity, understanding design as a strategic element in improving the competitiveness of companies. Through knowledge, research, and innovation, Loop connects designers, architects, researchers, and producers to integrate different productive activities while minimizing their environmental impact and optimizing the resources around us.

Adriana Meunie against a black backdrop, hands adorned with raw woolLafiore Glass Table crafted from recycled glass sourced from beverage bottling plants and demolished windows


Loop needed to implement a content management system to keep its catalog of projects, activities, and services up-to-date in a simple and intuitive manner in the three languages in which it is presented. Additionally, the Loop team wanted to enhance the promotion of designers and creators participating in the project and achieve greater impact and visibility.

Screenshot of loopdisseny.com home page


LOOP inspires and motivates a new generation of designers with the aim of fostering synergies between different disciplines and developing high-quality products from the transformation of locally considered disposable materials.

This vision, encompassing the key concepts of sustainability, circularity, and knowledge, needed to align with the functional needs of a project that incorporates new professionals and proposals at each stage. Therefore, we aimed to make the new Loop website easy to update by the IDI team, improve the visualization of each project, research, and activity, and enable more user-friendly navigation.

Having high-quality photographs and the identity designed by Pablo Martín at our disposal, we decided to create a platform capable of setting itself apart from similar initiatives. We explored different ways to present the content, always with the idea of telling a story through images and texts, and chose to maintain the elements of the identity to give more prominence to the projects, which are, after all, the essence and value of Loop.

Furthermore, we created interactions to strengthen the brand, both in the gallery and in the logo, and improved the website architecture, making it more navigable and coherent.

Skills in action

From the beginning, in line with LOOP's values, we were clear that we should focus on sustainable and accessible design. With this purpose in mind, we incorporated this perspective from the initial research and design phases and created a custom template that allowed us to have control to tailor the project's needs to all our objectives.

As a result, we have not only optimized the loading speed and website accessibility but have also effectively reduced the carbon footprint associated with it, reflecting our strong commitment to sustainability throughout the entire project.

LOOP Disseny by CALVO