MITourA is a German provider of sustainable hiking tours for small groups and solo travelers in Spain, Portugal and Cape Verde.

Mitoura sustainable hiking trip in MallorcaEcological town market full of vegetables


MITourA wanted a web redesign with a comprehensive and straightforward navigation process, an intuitive and interactive checkout process and a responsive design with complete and easy web navigability on both mobile and desktop.

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To do so, we created a custom-made WordPress template for which we considered three pillars of action: that it offered the most pleasant user experience possible, that it allowed the most comfortable navigation between menus and submenus, and that it was flexible so that new functionalities could be added in the future.

In addition, we customized the website sections and created a complete and interactive form about the purchase process, step by step and very understandable for the user.

To achieve the best result, we worked together with the SEO specialist of the company's content to align design, development and SEO.

With all this, we managed to improve the visibility and positioning of the website. And once the customers were there, by improving usability and user experience, we achieved more significant interactions, which will result in an increase of direct sales.

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Skills in action

This has been a major international project that has required us to work on UX, Web design, Front Development and WordPress.

Previously, we conducted exhaustive research to understand the market, competition, consumers and cultural differences when booking online travel.

We also analyzed customers' buying process, the management by MITourA staff and the specific content and needs of the different types of travel.