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Viniesta is a cultural fair combining wine, food and music organized by Selections de la Viña, a wine importer representing more than 60 producers from the Iberian Peninsula and South America.

Both their roots and the experiences they offer are Spanish, but they alternate their fairs in Spain and New York and organize winery-themed trips to Spain.

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For the Viniesta 2022 event, they wanted a landing page that explained the event, included a ticket sales part and pushed Viniesta Trips, a section of the brand that offers small group food and wine itineraries with insider access to some of the most prominent figures of the Spanish natural wine movement.

Home project


Viniesta is a brand that moves in the dynamic and fresh world of cultural events, so we had to design a landing page inviting visitors to participate in their fairs and all the products they offer. To do this, we looked for graphic solutions that highlighted the most outstanding elements and were visually vivid. We also wanted to add interaction so the user could participate in the experience.

All of this without losing the brand identity and the user experience, making it very intuitive, as buying tickets for the events you want to go to should always be easy.

Skills at work

In this project, our most important tasks were UX, UI, Development and Interactions, all of them to create a visually fresh web experience that was the gateway to the experiences offered by Viniesta.

But only some of our work is visible, as we also carried out a previous planning work that helped us define the tone that the whole project would have.

To do this, we studied and compared our targets (American and Spanish consumers), analyzed how the whole consumer journey works when buying tickets for this type of event, and looked for differentiated solutions for our professional clients and the more occasional attendees.

This project has allowed us to work for a foreign market, the North American market, which has forced us to do exhaustive prior research, but we are very proud of the result and of taking our projects wherever our clients take us. Because the language of design and user experience knows no borders.

Viniesta by CALVO